World has never been more eager to consume coffee ever in our history. A cup of coffee after waking up, a shot of espresso after lunch, a cappuccino or a frappe in the evening… We have never liked coffee this much before. According to ICO (International Coffee Organization), in 1991 annual coffee consumption was 200 million pounds of coffee. And in 2018, worldwide coffee consumption will supposedly reach 352 million pounds. Now take your best blend of coffee, take a break and explore 5 interesting facts you ‘’probably’’ did not hear about coffee before.

  1. Coffee is actually a type of fruit

Roasted coffee beans are actually the seeds of a fruit that looks like little cherries. If you bite this fruit, you can feel two growing seeds inside it.  According to U.S National Coffee Association only 5% of the coffee produced around the world have a single oval seed and they it is called as a ‘’Peaberry’’. In Spanish, it is named ‘’Caracolillo’’ which means ‘’little snail’’.

  1. Some people ‘’eat’’ coffee

People have been drinking coffee for hundreds of years now. But some people prefer to eat their coffee. There are some companies which converts the coffee fruit pulp into what may be called ‘’coffee flour’’. You can use this product to make cakes, muffins, breads and amazing seasonings. It does not taste like coffee. Depending on its type, it tastes more like a flower, citrus or roasted fruit.

  1. There is an expensive type of coffee that comes from animal feces

Kopi Luwak is a type of coffee that is obtained from the feces of a cat species called ‘’Civet’’ or ‘’Palm Civet’’. While travelling through the intestines of a Civet, coffee fruit is fermented. They are collected afterwards and sold. 500 grams of Kopi Luwak’s price ranges from $500 to $700. But nowadays it has to compete with a blend of coffee called Black Ivory. This is a type of coffee that is obtained from elephant feces that inhabits Thailand. Black Ivory was discovered by Blake Dilkin and it is sold from $85 per pack. According to Toronto Life magazine it tastes somewhere between tea, tobacco and tamarind.

  1. According to a legend, coffee was discovered by goats

A shepherd named Kaldi found out that after eating a strange fruit, his sheep became more energetic. He saw how his herd did not sleep through the night. He let the nearby monks know about this fruit and they made a hot beverage to keep them awake during the prayers. That is of course, according to a legend.

  1. Definition of the word ‘’Coffee’’ meant wine

Coffee farming was prevalent in 15th century Yemen. The original name ‘’qahwah’’ actually meant ‘’wine’’. A century later it was introduced in Khorasan, Egypt, Syria and Turkey.


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