Turkish coffee is one of the most unique and exotic coffees you can try, both in terms of its taste and its preparation method. Whether you are going to try making Turkish coffee at home for the first time or you have been for a while, always look out for these common mistakes to avoid while preparing Turkish coffee.

  1. Be sure you are using very finely ground coffee to make Turkish coffee. Anything coarser that will cause your Turkish coffee to be lacking in flavor. Plus, you won’t get that traditional foam on top.
  2. You must use a Turkish coffee pot to prepare the coffee. Stir the coffee with the sugar a bit to help them mix with the water.
  3. After you start heating the coffee in the cezve, be very careful to not let the coffee boil. When it comes close to boil, its foam will form a ring and the coffee will start rising. You have to stop heating the coffee at this point. If it boils, your Turkish coffee will get taste flat and even more bitter.
  4. This bringing to boil part can be done more than once, and some people prefer their Turkish coffee that way. But no matter what you like, bringing your Turkish coffee to boil more than 3 times will likely have the same effect of letting it boil: flat taste and more bitterness.
  5. While certain Turkish coffee types like Dibek can be made with hot water, traditional Turkish coffee must be made with cold water. Some people may want to speed up the process by starting with hot water, and some cafés in Turkey also prepare it with hot water. This results in less flavor, so always start with cold water.
  6. Not waiting after you pour the coffee to the cups. After you have properly prepared your Turkish coffee, let the coffee sit in the cups for a few minutes to let the coffee grounds settle.



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