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Turkish Coffee Cups are specially designed cups to keep the heat of coffee while drinking. They are very similar to an espresso cup in size & shape, but have specific characteristics to apart them from a regular espresso cup.

Types of Turkish Coffee Cups & General Usage Information

Turkish Coffee Cups can be used for both daily purposes and on special occasions. For the daily purposes, the cups are designed plain and simple. Since daily usage Turkish Coffee Cups are simple and affordable, they are also pretty easy to take care of. Most of the regular Turkish Coffee Cups are dishwasher safe, and easily replaceable.

In every Turkish Household, there is probably at least one set of special, mostly handcrafted, and more expensive Turkish Coffee Cups. Since the main purpose of Turkish Coffee is to gather people and spend time with families, friends, using a higher quality set of cups show the value you give to your guests, in Turkish Culture. Those handcrafted, fancy and ornamental cups can be used for special occasions. In Turkey, serving with nice cups mean a lot, it is almost the best way to show your hospitality.

How to Choose the Right Turkish Coffee Cups

Before making a decision, you should ask yourself couple of questions in order to determine the right coffee set. Do you drink coffee frequently or rarely? Do you like to drink alone or with friends? The answers will definitely help you to make the right decision.

As mentioned above, the sets which are fancy, handcrafted are not for daily use because they need special care. If you use an expensive, handcrafted set of Turkish Coffee Cups frequently, they might get damaged easily due to cleaning and the handcrafts on the cups might tear off quickly. Therefore, if you drink only special occasions you may buy those fancy cups. However, there is no rigid rule on buying those cups. You can go with whatever you want, it is all up to you. Here are some pictures of both affordable, factory made cups & more expensive, hand made Turkish Coffee Cups.

How to clean Turkish Coffee Cups?

After choosing the right cup set, and making delicious Turkish Coffee with the fresh Turkish Coffee beans, the last step is to learn how to clean them. For the daily use cups which are plain, no polish, handcraft on it, you can put them in the dishwasher just like you treat other kitchen tools. If you have the fancy ones, then you have to hand wash them with warm water (do not wash them with hot water because it takes out all the polish and sparkling). After washing, you can either let it dry or you may use paper towels. It’s that simple.

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