Dietitian Melis Destereci says ‘’Turkish Coffee helps to cease the growth of cancerous cells.’’

A lot of people consume Turkish Coffee to combat sleep deprivation, to concentrate on certain matters or to socialize. But did you know that this wondrous beverage could also potentially be consumed to combat cancerous cells? Recent studies revealed that Turkish Coffee has several correlations with DNA and cancer cells. Turkish Coffee is rich with antioxidants that prevents aging and stops cancerous cells. The antioxidants in question act in an anti-cancerous manner.  Destereci states that clorogenic acids, phytoestrogens, polyphenols and caffeine that Turkish Coffee contains keeps the free radicals that directly cause cancer and mutations in the DNA away.

‘’They act defensively against cancer. Consuming 2-3 demitasses of Turkish Coffee decreases the chance of getting cancer by up to 13%. Turkish Coffee wages war against breast and womb cancer seen amongst females and prostate cancer seen amongst males.’’

Those who consume 3 cups of Turkish Coffee have 30% less chance of getting mouth and esophagus cancers. In recent years, liver cancer has become the type of cancer that results with most fatalities. But recent studies showed that this disease could be decreased drastically and if you consume Turkish Coffee on a daily basis, you definitely reduce your risk of cancer.

‘’You can slim down the chance of getting liver cancer by drinking a demitasse of Turkish Coffee every day. Regular consumption of it reduces the risk of colon cancer by 25%. Women who consume 3 demitasses of Turkish Coffee have less chances of getting skin cancer compared to those who don’t.’’

In conclusion, to reap the benefits of Turkish Coffee, it is healthy to consume it without exceeding 2-3 demitasses a day. Keep in mind that it has a dehydrating attribute and can cause dehydration. It is a beneficial way of staying healthy and keeping the risk of cancer away from your body. Let’s not forget that cancer cells feed on basic sugars such as table sugars. Dietitian Melis Destereci recommends the consumption of Turkish Coffee without adding sugar in it.


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